The Beaufort Hunt Collection

Filmed over a 25 year period of following The Duke of Beauforts Hunt and other Packs.

9 Disc DVD Collection-Over 10 Hours of English Fox Hunting all taken before the Hunting ban.

4 of the earliest films have been re mastered from VHS tapes.

This collection contains.

Hunting Moments, Gone Away, Hounds in Full Cry, First Draw, Chasing the Action, We Meet at Six, Following The Beaufort Hounds,

Hunting in the Shires and Hunting with Seven Packs.

Here are nine DVD's of Fox Hunting in England over the last 25 years covering 13 different packs of Foxhounds.

Including a very comprehensive coverage of The Duke of Beauforts Foxhounds.

All of the filmed material was taken before the hunting ban. A historical record of hunting in England, a real collectors selection of never to be repeated films.

Other packs are; Cottesmore, Fernie, Fitzwilliam, Vale of Aylesbury, Warwickshire, Blackmore and Sparkford Vale, Garth and South Berks,

Vale of the White Horse, North Cotswold, South Hereford, Tedworth and the Cotley Harriers.